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Updates to the Library

This page will let you know what's new in the library. Don't forget to contact us if you have books and DVDs to suggest or donate.

September 2011
After a long hiatus, we are finally open again! Yay!

May 2010
New books, CDs and DVDS!

April 2010
New books and DVDS! We thank author Dawn Spinks and lovely donor Annaleigh: March 2010
New books from several generous donors:
8 excellent additions to the library, thanks to the generosity of a member of Pandora's Aquarium:

December 2009:
Thanks to the generosity of Author R.W. Doyen, we have acquired a copy of his book A Father's Anguish The book is a fictionalized account of a true story of a father's pain following his daughter's rape. See Supporters Section for availability. Please also see Mr. Doyen's Website.

A very kind donor has given us the classic work Father-Daughter Incest by Judith Lewis Herman. This is an excellent addition to our library; please see the Academic Section for availability.

Generous Pandora's Aquarium and library staff-member member AJ has donated five items to our library, and we thank her gratefully. The items are:

November 2009:
Author Cheri Calvert has very kindly donated to the library a copy of her book, The Garden Song - A True Story about Rape We are honoured to have it and we know our library members will be inspired by it. Check Memoirs for availability, and see Ms. Calvert's website.

New DVDS! The same incredibly generous donor who purchased nine books for us in September has also donated the following DVDs:

October 2009:
A lovely donor has given the library Susan Brewster's excellent guide for supporters of abused women, Helping Her Get Free: A Guide for Families and Friends of Abused Women. See Supporters for availability!

September 2009:
We have added Amazon wishlists for kind people who wish to donate books and DVDs! See this page for more information.

The very same day we added the wishlists, a very kind donor purchased NINE books for us. Some of these titles are classics in survivor/recovery literature and we are very grateful to have them. The titles are:

Matt Atkinson, rape trauma therapist and author of Resurrection After Rape: A Guide To Transforming From Victim To Survivor generously donated a copy of this book to the library. Library staff have read it, and it is a wonderful addition to our collection. This compassionate and practical book comprises writing exercises, discussion of topics such as healing sexually, why it hurts when people minimize or deny what happened to you, facing the most painful parts of sexual assault and much much more. Check out our Self-Help and Workbooks section to see if it's available.

August 2009
We acquired It's My Life Now: Starting Over After an Abusive Relationship or Domestic Violence by Meg Kennedy Dugan and Roger R. Hock. This book comes highly recommended by writers such as domestic abuse expert Lundy Bancroft. It gives emotional and practical guidance on staying safe, resisting the urge to return, finances, and much much more. Great writing exercises will help you map your feelings, look at your resources and strength, and more.. Also suitable for male and GLBT survivors of domestic violence, and contains a chapter on sexual assault. An incredibly helpful addition. Check our Partner Abuse and Rape section for availability.

July 2009
We acquired Why Does He Do That? Inside the Minds of Angry and Controlling Men by Lundy Bancroft. This book is a must read for anybody who is or has been trapped in a relationship of abuse, and has the potential to save lives. Bancroft has 20 years' experience working with abusers (as well as women they've abused) and knows their mindset inside out. Contains a chapter on sexual assault by partners; looks at what to do if an abuser is threatening to take children away, impact on children, how to avoid engagement with the manipulative ploys abusers run, getting safe and much more. Written with real wramth and respect for survivors, this book is is a major explosion to myths about domestic violence, and why people blame victims. Check our Partner Abuse and Rape section for availability.

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