Sexual Assault Lending Library: A Pandora's Project Initiative
---------------- Sexual assault lending library for male and female survivors - A Pandora's Project Initiative

How to Contribute to the Sexual Assault Lending Library

Why we need your contribution
At present, we are awaiting funding and have only a small collection of books and DVDs, made possible thus far by the generosity of members of Pandora's Aquarium and others. You can help us extend.

If you would like to contribute books or DVDs please contact the library for details on where to send. Please note that while we are grateful for contributions, we cannot accept every item offered for donation as we need to make sure it fits the purpose of our library. Let us know the title/s you want to donate, and we'll let you know whether to send it. We would hate to see you waste time and expense otherwise!

See our Book and DVD Wishlists
Alternatively, you might like to browse our Amazon wishlists to see some books and DVDs that we would love to have for the library:

Both lists contain our shipping address - but please, if you do purchase and send an item from the wishlist, be sure to contact us so we can thank you! Note: You''ll be able to see what's already been purchased by selecting "Purchased" from the drop-down menu next to the word Reveal at the top of the Wish List, then clicking Go!

*By no means do donated items need to be new. It may be that you have an item that features on our wishlists to spare, or second-hand books in good condition can be purchased cheaply from Abebooks.

What's in it for you?
We'd like to reward the generosity of library donors with Contributing Memberships at Pandora's Aquarium to equal value of the book/DVD donation. Or, if you prefer, your donation can buy a contributing membership for a friend!. Here is how it works:

  • 1 - 2 items = 1 Year Contributing Membership
  • 3 - 5 items= 2 Year Contributing Membership
  • More than 5 items = Lifetime Contributing Membership

A little information on what a Contributing Membership is: Because our Contributing Members help keep the board afloat by offsetting substantial costs, we offer a few perks that use extra board resources:

  • Unlimited PM storage space
  • Ability to PM members with a full inbox
  • Ability to create polls in specified forums
  • User name in teal in online member list
  • Can upload images to posts as attachments (space permitting)
  • Admission to a "Contributing Member" user group
  • Recognition as Sponsor of the Week for a week of your choice.
  • The personal satisfaction of knowing you're helping Pandy's stay online

When we receive your donation of a book or DVD, we will upgrade you or the Pandora's Aquarium member of your choice to the according Contributing Membership.

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