Sexual Assault Lending Library: A Pandora's Project Initiative
---------------- Sexual assault lending library for male and female survivors - A Pandora's Project Initiative

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Academic: Sexual assault-related studies, theories and more

Activism & Social Change: Books about making change around sexual assault

Addiction - Memoirs and manuals about addiction and recovery

DID - Memoirs by survivors with Disassociative Identity Disorder

ED/Body Image - Eating disorders, body image and self-esteem

Feminist Writing - Classic books by women who have impacted in the area of sexual assault

Fiction of Interest - Sexual assault-related fictitious works

Legal - Books about sexual assault, justice and law

Male Survivors - Books for male survivors of sexual violence

Memoirs - Survivors share their journeys through sexual violence

Miscellaneous Reads - Books about the human condition, health and more

Partner Abuse and Rape : Domestic violence and intimate partner rape studies, memoirs and safety guides

Personal Safety - Guides to safety in a violent world

Professionals - Manuals and guides for people working with survivors of sexual violence

Related Issues - Borrow books on sexual assault related topics such as stalking, memory, adolescence etc.

Self-Help and Workbooks: Guides to healing from sexual assault, PTSD, panic attack and more

Self-Injury - Survivors, self-harm and healing

Sexuality & Relationships - After sexual assault

Spirituality - Healing manuals and memoirs by and for survivors of faith

Supporters - for parents, family, friends and partners of survivors

DVDS - Sexual assault related movies, true-life stories and documentaries.

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