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What's New in the Library
November 2011

New Books:

September 2011 - We are open again after a long hiatus - yay! We have acquired a few new items:


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June 2010 - New Books!

May 2010
New Books - thanks to generous donor and Pandy's Moderator Kate!

New Books - thanks to generous donor Carleen!
April 2010
March 2010:
New Books:
  • Lust Killer- Ann Rule - See Related True Crime
  • Our Little Secret: A Father's Abuse, a Son's Life Destroyed - Duncan Fairhurst - See Memoirs for availability.
  • Running with Scissors: A Memoir - Augusten Burroughs - See Memoirs for availability.
  • If I Am Missing or Dead: A Sister's Story of Love, Murder, and Liberation - Janine Latus - See Memoirs for availability.
  • Mummy's Witness - Gayle Sanders - See Memoirs for availability.
  • I Am Nujood, Age 10 and Divorced - Nujood Ali with Delphine Minoui: This is the incredibly moving true story of Nujood, a Yemeni child who was married at age 10, and after repeated and rape and battery by her "husband" walked into a courthouse and requested a divorce. This child's bravery won her the Glamour Woman of the Year award, and has created a doorway for other little girls to seek freedom. This book really is amazing - not least as we see the beginnings of Nujood's recovery from her horrifying experiences. See Memoirs for availability.
  • Little Black Bastard: A Story of Survival - Noel Tovey: Noel Tovey was a young Australian Indigenous child subjected to appalling sexual and physical abuse.His childhood led him to Pentridge prison at age seventeen, where Noel contemplated suicide. Yet he did turn this life around, and realise his dream to become and actor and dancer of note. See Memoirs for availability.
  • Sunshine on My Shoulders : a Woman's Victory Over Agoraphobia - Jan Sparks and Suzanne Pinder: Jan Sparks was a successful working mother when she began to experience debilitating panic attacks that bloomed into agoraphobia and a range of food and medication phobias. After two years of being very ill, Jan began her recovery and shares it with us. Although Jan is not an abuse survivor, panic disorder with agoraphobia are common for survivors and this books offers much that is useful for recovery. See Related for availability
  • House of Horrors - Nigel Cawthorne: This book details as much as possible the plight of Elisabeth Fritzl, an Austrian woman imprisoned for 24 years in an underground bunker by her father, Joseph Frtizl, and there repeatedly raped by him, leading to the births of seven children. Although this book was rushed out in the wake of the discovery of Elisabeth's plight, it is not exploitative or sensationalistic, but is written with great sympathy for Elisabeth and her children. Indeed, it is doubtful that any of the details need sensationalising. It is amazing the Elisabeth did not go mad. See Related True Crime for availability.
New DVDs:
  • Extremities: A woman turns the tables on a would-be rapist. See DVDS for availability.
  • Little Girl Lost - A couple fosters a little girl with terrible secrets.... See DVDS for availability.
February 2010:
Ritual Abuse: We have acquired two titles. They are:
Also in the Related Section:

January 2010:
Australian author and survivor Barbara Roberts has kindly donated to the library a copy of her book, Not Under Bondage: Biblical Divorce for Abuse, Adultery and Desertion. This book is an important addition for Christian survivors of relationship abuse struggling with painful theological questions, and we thank Ms. Roberts for her generosity. Check the Partner Abuse and Rape section for availability and please also go to Ms. Robert's site to see more about the book.

We have acquired two more titles for the Partner Abuse and Rape Section:

We have also had Pandora's Aquarium moderator Kate generously donate three excellent additions:

We are thrilled to have received the incredibly generous donation from Dr. S. Caroline Taylor of SIX copies of her book Surviving the Legal System: A Handbook for Adult & Child Sexual Assault Survivors & their Supporters. The Aus library has kept three, and the remaining three will become available in our US branch. Divided into three parts and eminently accessible to all, the book covers essential information such as disclosing, reporting, preparing for trial, responding to defence tactics, excercises for nurturing your truth and much much more. It is a wonderful and most worthy addition to the library.

As you will read in the book, Dr. Taylor is herself a survivor of long-term child sexual abuse af the hands of her father and went through her own gruelling legal process. Whilst utterly professional, this book is written by somebody who knows, and this splendid woman leaves one with the impression that there isn't much a survivor cannot rise up and do. Her work on behalf of survivors and agitating for legal change is internationally respected - please read more about Dr. Taylor's work here. Importantly please also see and consider supporting Dr. Taylor's foundation Children of Phoenix

The book is available now; please see the legal section. Also don't miss Dr. Taylor's other book, Court Licensed Abuse, also available at this library.

A Pandora's Aquarium community member Carleen has generously donated EIGHT books to the Australian library, and has promised more to come- we are lucky to know this benefactress. Some of Carleen's donations have prompted us to start a sexual assault and domestic violence-related True Crime Category - check it out for yourself..

We're finally open! Yay! We would like to thank author Ricky Hunter for the donation of a copy of her book, Point Last Seen - A road to recovery after childhood sexual abuse and domestic violence. This is a most moving and inspiring story of New Zealand/Australian Ms .Hunter's journey through abuse, starting with abduction by a paedophile at age 5, through domestic violence and rape by an extremely violent partner and the aftermath. Ms .Hunter's life is a triumph. Please see memoirs for availability. You can also visit Ms.Hunter's website here.

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