Sexual Assault Lending Library: A Pandora's Project Initiative
---------------- Sexual assault lending library for male and female survivors - A Pandora's Project Initiative

How the Library Works
You are in the Australian Branch of the library. If you meant to enter the US branch, go here
Read through the following page, and if you have further questions or concerns, please contact us.

How do I get access to the Library?
The library is available only to members of the Pandora's Aquarium online support community - join us here

In order to borrow materials from the Pandora's Project Sexual Assault Lending Library, make sure you meet the requirements for our pilot phase (listed below), and use the forms on the pages within to check out a book. Within 48 hours of submission of this form, you will receive a confirmation by email. Your book will be mailed within one week.

Who can borrow materials?
The lending library began in June 2008, and is a new Pandora's Project initiative in its pilot phase. We will use this phase to improve efficiency and workability, determine the needs of our community, and work out problems. During the pilot phase of this program, you must meet the following requirements to borrow materials:

  • be a Pandora's Aquarium online community member in good standing
  • have made 50 posts on the message forum (please note: if you have fewer than 50 posts and wish to borrow materials, please contact us).
  • have an Australian mailing address
  • be 16 years of age or older
  • agree to the terms and conditions located below.
During the pilot phase, requirements and procedures may change to meet your needs and fit within our budget. We hope to develop an automated library management inferface, and add more titles, more copies of popular titles, and DVDs for members to borrow.

How much does it cost?
During the pilot phase, each qualifying member can check out two books free of charge - in order to be free, the books must be shipped together. That means you should fill out the form to request book one, then fill out the form again to request your second book. Pandora's Project. will cover the cost of shipping these books to you, along with an addressed and stamped envelope for you to use to return the books.

You will only be charged for these first books if you lose, damage, or fail to return the materials. In that event, you will be asked to pay the cost of a used copy and reimburse the organization for shipping. Please do not check out books if you have no intention of returning them; you deprive another survivor of the chance to grow and heal if you do not return materials.

During the intial phase, the due date for books is six weeks from the shipment date. If you have not finished with goods at this time, you will have the option to check them out for a further four weeks. We understand that variations in shipping time may delay returns, but please try to get materials in promptly. Contact us if the books will be late (see below for late returns policy).

If you'd like to check out an another book after your first, you may do so. However, you still must meet the requirements listed above, and you will be responsible for return shipping costs of the additional book (Pandora's Project will provide a return envelope and pay for outgoing shipping). . Because we have a small library at this time, you may have only two books checked out at a time; we must have received and processed your first return for you to borrow again.

Late Returns Policy
If you will be late returning items to the library, please contact the library . We trust that our borrowers are honest, but we have had issues with failure to return books. Because we rely on donations to keep the library afloat, we cannot afford to lose books (thus depriving other survivors of accessing them). We will thus invoice you for lost or damaged books. If we don't hear from you when a book is past due, we will contact you requesting that the items be returned within two weeks. Failure to return books after this means that your Pandora's Aquarium membership will be set to inactive and you will be invoiced for the cost of items. Your account will be reinstated at such a time as we receive either the items or payment. It's better to save yourself (and us) trouble and attempt to get items back in time.
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