Sexual Assault Lending Library: A Pandora's Project Initiative
---------------- Sexual assault lending library for male and female survivors - A Pandora's Project Initiative

Welcome to the Pandora's Project Sexual Assault Lending Library!
What is the lending library?
The Sexual Assault Lending Library is a project sponsored by Pandora's Project., a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. The goal of Pandora's Project is to provide sexual violence support, awareness, and education. This library offers free or low-cost books and other materials to rape and sexual abuse survivors, aiming to arm men and women with education and supportive resources to help them make strides in their healing.

Pandora's Project also maintains Pandora's Aquarium, the internet's largest online support community for sexual violence survivors. Join the message board and chat room to connect to others who have been victims of rape and sexual abuse.

Why are you providing this service?
Books and other resources about sexual assault and recovery can play an important role in the healing process, but they can be hard to access. In a 2008 survey of Pandora's Aquarium's members, 64% had been unable to locate healing-related materials within their library's lending system and almost 40% of members cited cost as a barrier to buying books. Even if a library or bookstore has an extensive selection of material about sexual assault, 31% of respondents were too embarrassed to order or take them out.

We believe that education is an important part of healing, and each material in our library has been selected because we believe survivors will benefit from it. We also are aware that financial and social constraints inhibit some survivors from finding the resources they need. Our online support community is one step toward making resources accessible to all; this library is another step to reach that goal. We hope that you'll enjoy the benefits of the library!


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